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New Zealand Academic and Cultural Immersion Tour

This programme is tailored for educational institutions aiming to offer their students an enlightening encounter that will reshape their perspectives on their future careers. With a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, participants will delve into New Zealand's offerings through an array of interactive workshops and immersive field visits. In addition to the academic aspects, considerable importance is placed on gaining insights into New Zealand's vibrant culture. This includes interactions with the indigenous Maori community, hands-on participation in a traditional kiwi BBQ, and the opportunity to partake in iconic attractions such as Hobbiton and the rejuvenating geothermal hot pools in Rotorua.

Our standard programme spans 10 days (excluding travel days) but can be extended according to needs of your school.

What's Included?

All visas for your student group and chaperones.
Fares including check-in baggage.
Local Transport
Vehicular transit whenever needed for the duration of the trip.
Entry Fees
Included for all activities outlined in the itinerary.
All Meals
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner with an emphasis on healthy, nutritious and dietary-preference appropriate meals.
All Accommodation
Clean, comfortable and well-appointed accommodations throughout.
Local Tour Leader
Local tour leader to accompany the group throughout.
Licencing and Permits
Local operation and access permits as required.
All Taxes
Pricing is fully inclusive of all taxes applicable to the educational tour.
24/7 Contact
Emergency contact with our office available for the entire duration of the trip.
What's Not Included?
Pricing & How to Pay
Matthew Harris is nothing but an amazing partner-agent, wonderful host, tour guide, and a generous friend, who made sure that our group would experience the best that the destination has to offer. He made sure that we just do not do to the usual “touristy activities” but planned the programme seamlessly such that students would have first-hand experience of real local immersion. We always look forward to joining hands with him in creating innovative programmes that would give our students the avenue to achieve their full learning potentials outside the four corners of the classroom.
Ms Ailene, Teacher
Southville International School Affiliated with Foreign Universities (SISFU)

New Zealand Academic and Cultural Immersion Tour


Day 1: Welcome to New Zealand

Your flight arrives at noon today - from the airport, travel downtown & begin your whirlwind NZ adventure. Following your initial orientation, take a look around Auckland's most famous landmarks and get to know your programme host.


Day 2: Visit the University of Auckland

This morning, we dive headfirst into the vibrant energy of Auckland, New Zealand's largest city! Our city tour will unveil iconic landmarks and hidden gems, showcasing the unique blend of urban buzz and natural beauty. As we continue, prepare to be impressed as we visit the prestigious University of Auckland. Here, you'll gain insights into the university's world-class reputation and the diverse range of academic courses it offers. Who knows, maybe you'll find your future alma mater amidst these hallowed halls!


Day 3: Become a Robotics Engineer at MOTAT

Get ready to unleash your inner inventor today! We're heading to MOTAT, New Zealand's leading museum of innovation and technology. Here, you'll get hands-on with the future by building your very own robot! This exciting workshop will not only teach you the nuts and bolts of robotics, but also how innovation can empower you and shape your future career path. Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities!


Day 4: The Beauty of Nature - The Glowworm Phenomenon

Visit the Waitomo Caves to learn about bioluminescence!


Day 5: Discover Agro-Economics - The NZ Export Industry

Visit a dairy farm and kiwi fruit orchard!


Day 6: Middle-earth Magic Comes Alive at Hobbiton

This morning, buckle up for a journey into rolling hills and picturesque farmland. Our destination? The world-famous Hobbiton Movie Set! Embark on a magical tour through the Shire, where you'll step right into the beloved Lord of the Rings films. Uncover fascinating tidbits about the mastermind behind these cinematic masterpieces, the renowned Kiwi director Sir Peter Jackson.


Day 7: Rotorua's Geothermal Wonders Await!

Unleash your inner explorer today as we delve into the geothermal marvels surrounding Rotorua! We'll crack the code behind the fascinating science of sulfur – its unique scent might even become an acquired taste! Afterward, we'll escape to a hidden gem – a secluded hot spring where you can soak in the therapeutic embrace of naturally heated waters.


Day 8: Indigenous Culture - Visit a Maori Village

Learn Maori dances and songs followed by a delicious Maori feast!


Day 9: NZ’s Largest Lake - Taupo

Relaxing day at Lake Taupo followed by traditional NZ BBQ


Day 10: The Final Countdown

Your incredible journey is coming to an end in NZ and on your last day we have a number of surprises and activities lined up for you on your drive back to Auckland. Today is also the only day where you will have the chance to buy souvenirs, visit shops and maybe even buy your parents some delicious kiwi chocolate to take home. You will arrive at the airport very late this evening!